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Procurement Apprenticeship

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About Construction and Procurement Delivery (CPD)

Construction and Procurement Delivery (CPD) is a business area within the Department of Finance (DoF) and it has three key roles:

  • to advise the Minister of Finance on public procurement matters and on issues relating to the construction industry;
  • to support the Procurement Board for Northern Ireland on the development and monitoring of public procurement policy and best practice; and
  • to provide modern, professional procurement and project management services to bodies covered by Northern Ireland Public Procurement Policy (NIPPP).

Every year NI Departments and their sponsored bodies award contracts to support the delivery of public services. It is estimated that across the NI public sector some £3 billion is spent annually on procurement which represents 25% of the Northern Ireland block grant.

CPD plays an important part in this activity.

Public procurement today faces new challenges. The deficit in public finances means there is a need to increase efficiency and maximise the benefits gained from the use of public money. At the same time, there is also a growing demand for public procurement to contribute to the achievement of the NI Executive’s overall objectives in terms of social, economic and environmental benefits.

The recruitment of Procurement Apprentices provides CPD with a pipeline of procurement professionals to ensure that government can continue to deliver efficient public services.

Procurement Apprentice

Developing as a CPD Professional within the NICS

The Procurement Apprentice is an entry level for procurement professionals at Administrative Officer (AO) grade within the NI Civil Service (NICS).

Apprentices will receive formal training to achieve a globally recognised qualification through the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) and to progress to Executive Officer II grade (EOII) within three years of taking up the post.

Completing the Scheme successfully will give you the opportunity to:

  • Acquire significant work experience within the area of procurement;
  • Develop a wide range of essential skills; and
  • Gain a globally recognised and transferable qualification.