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The NICS Departments have changed



Departmental Restructuring Programme 


The Stormont House Agreement of 23 December 2014 included a commitment that the number of Departments should be reduced from twelve to nine. In November 2015, the subsequent ‘Fresh Start’ agreement confirmed the reallocation of functions in the new departmental structure.


The new Departments’ names are as follows;


  1. Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA);
  2. Department for Communities (DfC);
  3. Department for the Economy (DfE);
  4. Department of Education (DE);
  5. Department of Finance (DoF);
  6. Department of Health (DoH);
  7. Department for Infrastructure (DfI);
  8. Department of Justice (DoJ); and
  9. The Executive Office (TEO). 


Further information regarding the functions of each of the nine departments is available through the link below;


Revised functions in the Nine Department Model