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Selection Process




The Candidate Information Booklet (CIB) will detail the selection process and assessment methods to be used. The aim of the selection process is to appoint the best person, as defined by the selection criteria, to the post. 

The majority of NICS competitions generally follow the process outlined below; 


1.  Application Validation 


 Screening of applicaton forms will begin after the closing date has passed.

  Incomplete appl,

2.  Sift Process


The panel will consider applications to ascertain if they;


a.  Meet the eligibility criteria;

The panel will determine the eligibility of each applicant against the eligibility criteria based only on the relevant information provided in the application form.


And, if appropriate;


b.  Meet the shortlisting criteria

The panel will apply the shortlisting criteria to determine the most suitable candidates to be invited to interview.


3.  Assessment Methods


One or more of the following assessment methods may be used in recruitment competitions.



Any test required will be relevant to the post applied for.  If a test is required details of what to expect will be published in the CIB.  


Assessment Centres

These events may consist of a series of written and group exercises as well as an interview to test candidates across the various competences required for the post.  The aim of these centres is to measure each candidate’s skills, aptitudes and abilities against set criteria to achieve a rounded assessment of the candidate's overall performance.



Most positions within the NICS require candidates to attend an interview.    The NICS uses Competence Based Interviews to assess candidates’ suitability for the roles and responsibilities of the post.  

Further information on the NICS Competency Framework and competence-based interviews



Some positions within the NICS require candidates to prepare and deliver a presentation as part of their interview.  If a presentation is required for a post the details of preparation time, format and duration will be detailed in the candidate information booklet.


4.  Feedback


We are committed to providing open, timely and effective communication to candidates, including clear and meaningful feedback.

To protect the confidentiality of a candidate’s application, requests for feedback from candidates should be in writing, either by letter, fax or email. 


Factual information should be provided to the candidate in writing, in the format requested, drawing upon the documentation held on the selection panel’s deliberations and taking account particularly of the selection and assessment criteria specified for the post(s) in question. 


Copies of the candidate interview assessment booklet will be provided to candidates on request however on some occasions the questions will not be provided if there is a possibility of further interviews.


Should you wish to request feedback on any aspect of the selection process, please email or write to HRConnect at;


HRConnect, Capita Building, Beacon House, 27 Clarendon Road, Belfast, BT1 3BG. Telephone: 0800 1 300 330. Email: