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Information for Disabled Applicants

Information for Disabled Applicants


The NICS is an Equal Opportunities Employer


The NICS values and welcomes diversity. We are committed to building an inclusive workplace culture where diversity is truly valued at all levels, and to the employment and career development of disabled people.


The NICS is a Lead Partner of Employers for Disability NI (EFDNI).  We also have a designated NICS Disability Champion whose role is to support colleagues and encourage a culture of inclusion across the NICS. To do this, the Disability Champion is supported by the NICS Disability Working Group, which is a consultative group of internal staff and external representatives from the disability sector.


The NICS also established a Disability Staff Network in September 2020 which continues to raise awareness of disability issues and support the working lives of disabled colleagues.  All NICS staff are welcome to join the Disability Staff Network.


Guaranteed Interview Scheme

As part of our commitment to the employment of disabled people, we operate a Guaranteed Interview Scheme (GIS).  The GIS does not guarantee a job. However, its objective is to ensure a guaranteed number of disabled applicants, who meet the minimum essential eligibility criteria for the role they have applied for, are offered an interview.


Click on the links below to read the NICS policy and FAQs on our Guranteed Interview Scheme

Guaranteed Interview Scheme Policy

Guaranteed Interview Scheme FAQs


Click here to view the NICS’s policy on Recruiting and Appointing People with Disabilities.


Disability Requirements: Reasonable Adjustment Requests

We wish to ensure all applicants have the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability.

We ask on the application form if due to disability you require any reasonable adjustments to enable you to attend any part of the assessment and or interview process.If you have a disability, you may request a reasonable adjustment to ensure you are given as much support as possible throughout the recruitment process.   Details of any disability are used only for this purpose and do not form any part of the selection process.

We will consider all requests for reasonable adjustments to participate in any stage of the selection process in accordance with our obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995.

If you have requested a reasonable adjustment, you will be put in touch with an Occupational Psychologist who will talk you through the recruitment process and your specific condition, in order to identify the most appropriate adjustments and ensure that the process is as fair as possible. Adjustments will be tailored to suit your individual needs and can take many forms.

It is essential that you make us aware of your request for a reasonable adjustment as early in the recruitment process as possible and in advance of any testing or interview stage.
You will need to provide relevant supporting information to support your request for a reasonable adjustment, for example, an occupational psychologist report or a GP’s medical statement.


Information to support your request should be sent to HRConnect at as soon as possible following submission of your application.


Please mark your correspondence with the competition reference number and title it ‘Supporting evidence for reasonable adjustment request’.


The competition reference number is the IRC number which you will find on the front of the Candidate Information Booklet.


We may contact you directly to discuss your requirements which will be discussed in strictest confidence.


If you have indicated on your application that you have a disability, are successful in the selection process and are being considered for appointment, you may be required to outline any adjustments you consider necessary in order for you to take up an appointment.


If you wish to discuss your disability requirements further or if you have any questions, or require any documentation in an alternative format e.g. braille, easy read, large print, audio etc. you should contact HRConnect on 0800 1 300 330 or email


We wish you every success in your application.