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Work experience placements


Work Experience Policy and Guidance for Users 


It is the aim of the NICS to have a workforce which is broadly representative of the population of Northern Ireland. In order to achieve this aim we recognise that it is important that individuals considering career choices have an opportunity to learn as much as possible about the opportunities that exist in the NICS. By offering opportunities for work experience placements   to interested individuals and by participating in programmes  organised by schools, universities and business education partnerships we aim to promote careers in the NICS to all in our society. 


If you are interested in applying for a Work Experience placement please complete the application form below;


Work Experience Application Form 



 Work experience placements for people with disabilities


The NICS has made a commitment to engage with external disability organisations to develop structured work placement programmes to make sure that people with disabilities have equal access to work opportunities within the NICS.  A work placement is a planned period of work based learning or experience.  The NICS recognises that for people with disabilities, work placements can be a key to access the world of work from which they might otherwise be excluded.  Therefore work experience and work placement are excellent interventions to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to gain experience and skills in work which may lead to employment in the future. 


Further information is available in the documents attached below; 


Process Map


Guidance for Departments


Pre-Placement Checklist


Frequently asked questions


If you are interested in applying for a placement through this scheme please complete the following application form.


Work Experience for People with Disabilities Application Form