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Laura Wilson - Veterinary Officer

What I do:

DAERA - Veterinary Officer

I was made aware of the competition to become a Veterinary Officer in DAERA both by word of mouth from my comrades in practice as well as the NICS website. After working for over 8 years as an assistant Veterinarian in both Large and Small animal practices, I felt ready to face new challenges. As an expectant mother at the time, the move to DAERA also catered better to the trials and tribulations of family life, with the regular hours and free weekends giving me more time to spend with my now almost 2 year old daughter, time which is very precious!


The recruitment process was relatively straight forward.  After submitting the application form I was called for an interview, which for me was a daunting prospect, as I had never been formally interviewed before. However, my nerves were soothed due to the relaxed nature of the interviewing panel, and the rest as they say is history.


My experience within Veterinary Services thus far has been very favourable. The diversity of tasks and the opportunities that have arisen have kept me motivated and enthusiastic, with every day offering new challenges.  I enjoy working within the farming community as that is where I was brought up and I will endeavour to continue to do my bit in helping to sustain our agricultural industry to the best of my ability.